a new definition of collaboration

VoiP-LAB aims to be the flexible co-working space for non-resident daily "meetup" style collaboration. With a strong focus on Communication also Network and Security are welcome topics for our seats.





Meet new interesting people everyday you decide to work from VoiP-LAB. We try to best coodinate the seats so that there is a fair usage and nice mixup of people all devoted to community concepts.

As part of Büro 2.0 we are Open Source. Sharing knowledge and open up minds are the foundation of our project. We have two beautiful big rooms in a newly made attic with our own terrace, sofa corner and meeting room.

We offer different types of memberships for companies and individuals.
You get access to VoiP-LAB as you like it from occasional visits for just 30€ per month up to full blown access to one desk all month which your Team Members can share to work from VoiP-LAB for 300€/month. No matter which option you choose we keep you in the loop through our mailing list. Also you'll be invited to our special voip.kitchen events.

Dennis It all started with founding Büro 2.0 in 2007. Around that very time a strong orientation towards Open Source communication services lead Dennis to found VoiP-GO and do Asterisk and Zimbra projects. Since 2012 Dennis is with vio:networks to offer a great cloud pbx service build out of open source software. In 2014 Dennis started to work as a VoiP Consultant for Telio in Norway. Helping Daniel-Constantin Mierla at all three Kamailio-World editions Dennis developed the idea of VoiP-LAB and presented it in 2015.

Andreas Introducing as a system engineer in 2004 VoIP to AOL Germany customers was the first step into the right direction - with integrating the customer base into Telecom Italy gave Andreas a good understanding of international cooperation and projects. Since 2008 he is working for Telio being responsible for all aspects of designing and operation international VoIP Platforms and all bridging elements into PSTN.

First presentation at kamailio world 2015 - details coming soon

  • You get access to VoiP-LAB for occasional visits and we keep you in the loop through our mailing list. Also you'll be invited to our special voip.kitchen events.

  • For individuals. You drop by once a week or stay a whole week in VoiP-LAB and do amazing stuff with awesome people.

  • You will be a part time VoiP-LABer and have a desk for 10 days a month.

  • Perfect plan to send your Team members to work at VoiP-LAB either one by one up to 4 days a month or 4 people one day a month.


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